Herbal hair oil mix

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Herbal products from its origin. Promoting traditional way of living healthy life with natural alternatives. No preservatives, no artificial synthetic ingredients or any other chemical concoctions, all in its original form. Sourced from the hill stations of Kerala -Wayanad, Idukki to name a few, the Gods own country, a place well known for its vast knowledge in Ayurveda and natural herbs. 

Use: Pour pure coconut oil or heated and cooled coconut oil and get it soaked for 3-4 days. While heating just bring the oil to boiling point and let it cool. Use this oil on hair and scalp twice a week before bath. Herbs in this oil are found to be promoting healthy hair and clean scalp. Colour of the oil would change once the herbs are soaked in it. Keep filling the bottle with pure coconut oil and it can be refilled three to four times. 

Basic Info
Contents Herbal hair oil mix
Ingredients Multiple herbal products

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