Hand carved Peacock in wood

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   Hand carved Peacock in single piece of solid durable wood log, belongs to the timber family Leguminosae (Albizia odoratissima commonly called Kunnivaka (trade name: Kala Siris). The timber is also considered as a substitute for rosewood due to its durability, colour and texture. Hardness of this timber is categorized as Moderate hard to hard and is considered heavy.

    The carving process almost completely removed the sapwood ensuring that the craft is made up of the heartwood of the tree. The craftsmanship of the gifted artist is evident in the posture of this beautiful bird languishing in solitude. 

    This authentic piece of art work would definitely add to the aesthetics of one's living room and a pride to the art collection forever. 

Note: Applying touchwood once in one year or two is recommended

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Dimension (W x H): 11x44 Inch
Material Wood

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